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Karali Fedor

Class of 2020

Karali Fedor
Employer: Covance Laboratories
Title: Senior Research Analyst
LinkedIn logo Karali Fedor

Karali received her degree in Psychology from UW-LaCrosse where, as part of her undergraduate research, she collected and analyzed zooplankton samples to track microorganism growth and quantities. Karali currently works as a Senior Research Analyst in the Early Drug Development Division at Covance Laboratories. Her role within the Quantitative Whole Body Autoradiography sector allows her to not only perform a variety of analyses from a number of different platforms, but also develop skills in writing reports and discussing findings with study directors.

Karali knows that the M.S. in Biotechnology Program will allow her to explore and hone her knowledge in Early Drug Discovery, specifically in metabolomics and ultimately become a Study Director at Covance.





































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