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Jacqueline Rodriguez

Class of 2020

Jacqueline Rodriguez
Employer: Aldevron
Title: Customer Relations Manager, Protein Services
LinkedIn logo Jacqueline Rodriguez

Jacqueline graduated from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. She began the M.S. in Biotechnology Program as a Quality Assurance Laboratory Technician at Bioriginal.

During prior work at a dairy facility, she was introduced to small protein purification company (later acquired by Bioriginal) that produced specialty products for domestic and international infant formula companies. Interested in the process of biomanufacturing, Jacqueline joined the company as a Quality Assurance Laboratory Technician where she designed and conducted quality control experiments for the infant formula products.

Building on her regulatory and operational experience, Jacqueline pursued employment at Aldevron (Madison, WI site), a company specializing in custom protein characterization, development and manufacturing. She is currently employed as a Customer Relations Manager for Aldevron's Protein Services division.

Jacqueline believes the M.S. in Biotechnology Program has enabled her to identify and understand vital trends within the biotechnology industry, and more importantly, how they impact customer needs.

As a student and working professional, she continues to expand her industry expertise while becoming a key contributor to her employer's commercial success.





































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