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Mark Larson

Class of 2014

Mark Larson
Employer: Sales Consultant/Warrant Officer (Previous)
Title: Novartis Pharaceuticals Corp./US Army
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Mark Larson (B.S., Law Enforcement and Justice Administration, Western Illinois University) His professional experience comes from three fields: pharmaceutical sales, military service and law enforcement. He worked as a Sales Consultant for Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation in Madison, WI, intermittently between deployments for the War on Terror. During the 34 months he served in combat zones (including Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait), he held a variety of Command and Staff positions as an Officer in the U.S. Army.

Prior to working for Novartis, he worked for the Madison Police Department as a Forensic Investigator (CSI). His objective in pursing this degree is to further his knowledge of the biotechnology industry and to help prepare for a career in patent litigation. This goal is rooted in a desire to safeguard the intellectual property of companies that create lifesaving technologies in order to help sustain the financial motive for advances in medicine.





































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