Master of Science in Biotechnology Program, UW-Madison

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Collaborative and meaningful.

Tailored Schedule: The program's schedule of seven sessions per semester accommodates the demands of work and family while students complete the degree within 20 months.

Student Professionals: The degree is for working professionals preferably with at least two years work experience, though most graduates have accrued more years in their careers. Project-based courses enrich the student's learning experience and offer immediate returns to employers.

Diverse Backgrounds: The uniqueness of each student who joins the program creates a rich cohort of peers with diverse backgrounds and professional experiences.

Students come from a wide array of professions, including legal, business and scientific fields. They arrive to the program from companies ranging from small startups to industry-leading global corporations. Currently there are over 300 alumni employed throughout the world.

Amy Hendricksen, Class of 2010
Global Product Manager at Promega

Class of 2020 Schedule

Fall 2018 | Spring 2019
Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

Class of 2021 Schedule

Fall 2019 | Spring 2020
Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

Class of 2022 Schedule

Fall 2020 | Spring 2021
Fall 2021 | Spring 2022

At a Glance:
The Curriculum
Infographic for Curriculum

Companies With M.S. in Biotechnology Students or Alumni

Abbott Laboratories Inc.
AgTech Products Inc.
American Consulting Inc.
Astellas LLC
Aurora Healthcare Inc.
Baxter Healthcare
Beckman Coulter
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Biotechnology Center, UW-Madison
Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin
Cell Line Genetics
Cellular Dynamics International
CIBC World Markets
Covance Laboratories
Danisco USA
Dean Healthcare
Dept. of Biochemistry, UW-Madison
Dept. of Genetics, UW-Madison
Dept. of Horticulture, UW-Madison
Dept. of Pharmacology, UW-Madison
Dept. of Psychiatry, UW-Madison
LaFollette, Godfrey & Kahn LLC
Life Technologies Corp.

Lucigen Inc.
McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research, UW-Madison
School of Medicine and Public Health, UW-Madison
MiniTube of America
Monsanto Corp., Agracetus Campus
Monsanto Corp., Protein Technologies
National Primate Research Center, UW-Madison
Novagem, EMD Biosciences
PPD Inc.
Pierce Biotechnology Inc.
Platypus Technologies Inc.
Prodessa Inc.
Dow Chemical Corporation
Exact Sciences
G.E. Healthcare
Genome Center of Wisconsin
Genome International Corp.
Genzyme Inc.
GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
Greenbrier & Russel

Hologic Inc.
Invitrogen Inc.
Laboratory for Molecular and Computational Genomics, UW-Madison
Promega Corporation
Roche Nimblegen
St. Mary's Hospital
School of Pharmacy, UW-Madison
SAFC Pharma
Spectrum Research Inc.
Standard Process Inc.
Stratatech Corporation
Stratagem Inc.
Target Corporation
ThermoFischer Scientific
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics
Virtual Care Provider Inc.
WiCell Research Institute
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Wisconsin Entrepreneur's Network
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals