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Course Descriptions

Project Management and Leadership


  • Mary Westrick, Ph.D.
  • Terri McDonnell, M.B.A.
  • Empowering people and teams to work together is fundamental to personal and business success.

    This course explores project management as a "socio-technical media"—covering the technical, sociological and leadership skills that are critical to effective business, research, development, legal and global community relationships.

    You'll integrate information and skills from your job and previous courses to respond to sample situations faced by biotechnology project managers.

    You'll know how to design, use and defend a project management plan. You'll also develop and test the skills needed to build and lead project teams of collaborators, partners, contractors, senior management and investors—helping them solve problems, make decisions and manage risk.

    Here are some of the topics taught in this course:

    Session Topics from Spring 2020

    Session 1: Leadership; Project Management & Leadership

    Session 2: Project Team, Manager, Leader, Stakeholder; Work Breakdown Structure

    Session 3: Group and Individual Behaviors; Communication in Project Management

    Session 4: Project Management and Leadership in a Global Environment; Cross-cultural Projects

    Session 5: Contractors, Consultants, Collaborators; Project Metrics; Financial Project Management

    Session 6: Problem Solving and Risk Management; Budget and Finances for Teams

    Session 7: Working With The Public

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