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Course Descriptions

Professional Skills & Effective Management


  • Michelle Venturini, M.B.A., SPHR
  • This course focuses on effective management and career development. Students learn and practice the applied skills needed for effective managers that lead to synergistic team success within a biotechnology company. Different communication styles are examined that are used to engage and assess employees. Professional development is explored to expand career pathways through networking and by generating professional resumes and interviewing skills.

    Students will...

    1. Analyze skills required to influence, prioritize, and set goals for self and staff in a biotechnology company.
    2. Evaluate team culture in terms of what really matters to enable results and provide psychological safety.
    3. Create situational, behavioral, and impact driven feedback strategies so that both the employee and manager are successful.
    4. Explore the differences between managing and coaching the team through case studies and scenarios.
    5. Generate a career development plan that includes effective resumes, cover letters, networking, and employment research skills.

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