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Course Descriptions

Business Fundamentals for Biotechnology


  • Richard Schifreen, Ph.D.
  • Fabio Gaertner, Ph.D.
  • Martin Ganco, Ph.D.
  • Ben Seffrood M.B.A., M.S.
  • There are major challenges inherent in translating scientific discoveries into business success.

    This course explores how core business principles apply to the operation of biotechnology companies.

    You'll learn the difference between scientific and commercial opportunities and gain insights into the challenge of balancing product usefulness with positive return on investment.

    You'll learn how to assess a technology in terms of market and feasibility and use appropriate financial tools to evaluate investments and measure overall progress.

    You'll integrate what you've learned by conducting an opportunity assessment for a candidate technology.

    Here are some of the topics taught in this course:

    Session Topics from Fall 2016

    Session 1: Marketing Biotech Products and the History of Biotechnology

    Session 2: New Product Development and Marketing

    Session 3: Sources of Innovation

    Session 4: Types of Patterns of Innovation

    Session 5: Financial Benchmarking and Analysis

    Session 6: Developing Budgets and Analyzing Performance

    Session 7: Final Presentation Day

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