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Course Descriptions

Advanced Biotechnology: Global Perspectives


  • Scott Fulton, M.S.
  • Natalie Betz, Ph.D.
  • Laura Strong, Ph.D.
  • This course is a Capstone experience that challenges students to integrate and apply everything they've learned in the program to this point.

    You'll participate with your colleagues in classroom activities focused on important global challenges in biotechnology today.

    You'll also conduct independent research on a global issue that's potentially beneficial to your career and employer.

    Through this advanced course, you'll deepen your understanding of new technologies, broaden your awareness of international ethics and regulatory issues, and discover new opportunities for collaboration and entrepreneurship.

    Here are some of the topics taught in this course:

    Session Topics from Spring 2020

    Session 1: Introduction to Advanced Biotechnology and Global Prospective; Capstone Project Aims Workshop; Sample Collection for Microbiome Analysis

    Session 2: Successful Commercialization of Healthcare Innovations (Beyond Regulatory Approval)

    Session 3: Generating and Engineering Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (Cell Differentiation for Disease Models and Cell Therapeutics)

    Session 4: Small Group Presentations and Discussions on Capstone Research Projects

    Session 5: Life Science Tools – Bioprocess Development and Production

    Session 6: Functional Genomics and Microbiome Analysis

    Session 7: Class Project Presentations and Final Papers Due

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