Master of Science in Biotechnology Program, UW-Madison

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Biotechnology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

The University of Wisconsin–Madison's highly diverse concentration of bioscience expertise makes it a world leader in biotechnology, life science and medical research.

Among United States public universities, UW-Madison ranks 4th in research expenditures, 2nd in non-federally funded research, and 4th in federally funded research. These significant research investments generate results with far-reaching impact.

Jason Mlsna, Class of 2012
Regional Sales Manager at GlaxoSmithKline

From life-saving drugs that reduce high blood pressure, to improvements in radiation therapy for cancer, to better solutions for storing human organs awaiting transplant, UW-Madison technologies improve human health and welfare worldwide.

Drawing on the resources and expertise of a global leader in biotechnology and translational research, we've designed the Master of Science (M.S.) in Biotechnology Program for biotechnology professionals who are ready to broaden their understanding and skills—and advance their careers.

If you are a practicing scientist, technical professional, attorney or business/operations strategist who is poised to grow professionally, this program has been built with you in mind.

M.S. in Biotechnology students thrive in a learning environment rich in academic and industrial collaboration.

Leading-edge instructors are drawn from the University of Wisconsin - Madison's highly ranked schools of law, medicine, business, pharmacy, engineering and agricultural and life sciences, as well as the surrounding biotechnology industry.

Through affiliations with the University Research Park, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)—the University's patenting and licensing arm—and the Biopharmaceutical Technology Center Institute, we provide students an insider's look at emerging technologies and start-up companies.

We encourage you to listen and read about the accomplishments of many of the M.S. in Biotechnology Program's alumni, and then review our impressive and unique curriculum to determine if this is the right program for you.

Bascom Hall, University of Wisconsin - Madison

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